[S. 6337 Cantor’s Manual]

Call Number: Offenbach S.6337 

Attribution: Offenbach, Isaac. 

Place: Germany 

Date: ca.1828-1834 

Physical Description: Ink on paper ; 32 leaves ; 1 score ;15.5 x 13 cm ; autograph manuscript 

SubjectShabbat, Hannukah, Hallel, Rosh Chodesh, Sukkot, Hazzan & Meshorerim 


This cantor’s manual contains seventy items, for various occasions during the Jewish year. It was composed mainly in Cologne, with one item being composed in the village of Steinstrass “on the way” to Dülken ; another was composed in Brussels. Offenbach’s signature appears in the colophons for some of the items, others are initialed and dated.  

These pieces are generally for one voice, occasionally two or three, with Hazzan and Meshorerim alternation. These pieces are generally indicated for soprano voice. Most pieces are titled with limited text-underlay in Hebrew handwriting or printing. Tempi indicated. 


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