S. 2757a Ester Schauspiel in 1 Aufzug von J. Offenbach.

[S. 2757a] Ester Schauspiel in 1 Aufzug von J. Offenbach. Call Number: Offenbach S. 2757a  Attribution: Jacques Offenbach  Place: Germany  Date: 1833  Physical Description:   Bound volume, paginated (or nos.) 1-20, followed by 3 unnumbered folios, then p.22-41 (p.36-37 missing), followed by p.[42-44] and 4 loose [...]

S. 2757c “Trinklieder”

[S. 2757c] “Trinklieder” Call Number: Offenbach S. 2757c  Attribution: Offenbach, Jacques.  Place: Germany  Date : 1834  Physical Description:   5 leaves, catalogue numbers; bound; 18 x 15.5 cm. Blank: f. 1a-2a, 3b-4a, 5b. Ink on paper ; autograph.   Subject: Purim, Secular Music,   Description:  A drinking song for Purim, composition for [...]

S. 6346h Four pieces for Rosh Hashana

[S. 6346h Four pieces for Rosh Hashana] Call Number: Offenbach S.6346h Place: Germany Date: 18uu Physical Description: Ink on paper; 2 leaves ; 1 score ; 14 x 23 cm; autograph manuscript Subject: Rosh Hashana Description: This partbook excerpt contains four settings for pieces from the Rosh Hashana liturgy. No text-underlay. Link to manuscript record in the [...]

S. 6346g Hodu/Ana

[S. 6346g Hodu/Ana] Call Number: Offenbach S.6346g  Attribution: Offenbach, Isaac  Place: Germany  Date: 18uu  Physical Description: Ink on paper; 1 leaf; 1 score; 5×15 cm; autograph manuscript  Subject: Hallel  Description:   This folio fragment contains settings for Hodu/ana, part of Hallel. No text-underlay.    Link to the manuscript record in the [...]

S. 6346f Three pieces for Yom Kippur

[S. 6346f Three pieces for Yom Kippur] Attribution: Offenbach, Isaac  Call Number: Offenbach S.6346f  Place: Germany  Date: 18uu  Physical Description: Ink on paper; 1 leaf ; 1 score ; 14.5 x 16 cm; autograph manuscript  Subject: Yom Kippur  Description:  This manuscript contains three items for Yom Kippur, for one voice. No [...]

S. 6346e Fragment of Kaddish

[S. 6346e Fragment of Kaddish] Call Number: Offenbach S.6346e  Attribution: Offenbach, Isaac.  Place: Germany  Date:  18uu  Physical Description: Ink on paper; 1 leaf; 1 score; 3×22 cm; autograph manuscript  Subject: Choral music  Description:  This manuscript is a folio fragment, containing part of a Kaddish. In Hebrew [...]

S. 6346d Folio Fragment “Choral for Männerstimmen”

[S. 6346d Folio Fragment “Choral for Männerstimmen”] Call Number: Offenbach S.6346d  Attribution: Offenbach, Isaac  Place: Germany  Date: 18uu  Physical Description:  Ink on paper; 1 leaf; 1 score ; 8 x 17  cm; autograph manuscript  Subject: Choral music  Description:  This fragment contains a melody for one voice, possibly [...]

S. 6346c Settings of Kinnot

[S. 6346c Settings of Kinnot] Call Number: Offenbach S.6346c  Attribution: Offenbach, Isaac.  Place: Germany  Date:  18uu  Physical Description: Ink on paper;  1 leaf ; 1 score ; 10.5 x 12 cm; autograph manuscript  Subject:  Tisha B’Av;    Description:  This manuscript contains settings of kinnot, elegies for Jerusalem and Zion that are recited in the synagogue on the [...]

S. 6346b Cantor’s Manual

[S. 6346b Cantor’s Manual] Call Number: Offenbach S.6346b  Attribution: Offenbach, Isaac  Date:  1838  Place: Germany  Physical Description: Ink on paper; 2 leaves ; 1 score ; 14.5 x 12.5 cm, autograph manuscript.  Subject: Yom Kippur  Description:  This manuscript contains five settings for Ya’aleh, one of the pieces sung on Yom Kippur. Setting [...]

S. 6346a Code for a musical alphabet

[S. 6346a Code for a musical alphabet] Call Number: Offenbach S.6346a  Attribution: Offenbach, Isaac  Place: Germany  Date: 1844  Physical Description: Ink on paper; 1 leaf; 15.5 x 24 cm; autograph manuscript  Subject: Extramusical Material; Secular Music  Description:   The code for a “musical alphabet”, designed by Itzik (Isaac) Offenbach as [...]

S. 6345 Cantor’s Manual

[S. 6345 Cantor’s Manual] Call Number: Offenbach S.6345  Attribution: Offenbach, Isaac.  Place: Germany  Date: 1822  Physical Description: Ink on paper; 14 leaves ; 1 score ;14.5 x 12 cm ; autograph manuscript  Subject: Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Hazzan & Meshorerim  Description:  This manuscript contains twenty-two items, mainly for the high holidays, with a few [...]

S. 6344 Partbook for Secundo Voice

[S. 6344 Partbook for Secundo Voice] Call number: Offenbach S.6344  Attribution: Offenbach, Isaac.  Place: Germany  Date: 1838  Physical Description: Ink on paper, 17 leaves ;1 score ; 14 x 15 – 14 x 22 cm, autograph manuscript.  Subject: Rosh Hashana; Yom Kippur; Choral Music  Description:  This manuscript contains items mainly [...]

S. 6343 Niggunim le-rosh ha-shanah [5]580 kamfanirt mi-meni ha-katan Itzik Offenbach be-Koln = ניגוני’ לר”ה תק”פ קאמפאנירט ממני הק’ איצק אפפענבאך בקעלן

[S. 6343] Niggunim le-rosh ha-shanah [5]580 kamfanirt mi-meni ha-katan Itzik Offenbach be-Koln = ניגוני’ לר”ה תק”פ קאמפאנירט ממני הק’ איצק אפפענבאך בקעלן Call Number: Offenbach S.6343  Attribution: Offenbach, Isaac  Place: Germany  Date: ca.1819-1830.   Physical Description: Ink on paper; 16 leaves ; 1 score ;10.5 x 13 [...]

S. 6342 Lekhah dodi = לכה דודי

[S. 6342 Lekhah dodi = לכה דודי] Call Number: Offenbach S.6342  Attribution: Offenbach, Isaac.  Place: Germany  Date: 1800  Physical Description: 13 leaves; 1 score;  14.5 x 22.5 cm ; autograph manuscript  Subject: Shabbat, Instrumental Music  Description:  Full title from title page: לכה דודי Violino primo, Possessor Isaac Juda Eberst von Offenbach a/M an jego [? jetzig?] Sopranist in Cronberg, d[en] 13ten May [...]

S. 6341 Synagogen-gesänge; Choral parts for TTBB

[S. 6341 Synagogen-gesänge; Choral parts for TTBB] Call Number: Offenbach S.6341   Attribution:  Place: Germany  Date: 1848  Physical Description: 8 leaves ;1 score ; 17 x 25 cm ; autograph manuscript  Subject: Shabbat  Description:  This manuscript contains the vocal parts for four part choir (TTBB) of liturgical compositions for the Sabbath.   Link to manuscript record [...]

S. 6340 Two songs for Shabbat

[S. 6340 Two songs for Shabbat]  Call Number: Offenbach S.6340  Attribution: Offenbach, Isaac  Place: Germany  Date:  c. First half of 19th century  Physical Description: Ink on paper; 4 leaves; 1 score ; 16.5 x 22 cm ; manuscript  Subject: Shabbat  Description:  This manuscript contains two items for Shabbat eve, Lekha dodi and Tzadik katamar. It was probably composed [...]

S. 6339 Lekha Dodi

[S. 6339 Lekha Dodi] Call Number: Offenbach S.6339  Attribution: Offenbach, Isaac  Place: Germany  Date: 1839-40.  Physical Description: Ink on paper;  7 leaves ; 1 score ;14.5 x 12 cm ; autograph manuscript.  Subject: Shabbat  Description:  This manuscript was written by Offenbach for the Sabbath eve services, containing twelve versions of Lekha dodi. Items nine and eleven [...]

S. 6338 Cantor’s Manual

[S. 6338 Cantor’s Manual] Call Number: Offenbach S. 6338  Attribution: Offenbach, Isaac.  Place: Germany  Date: c. first half of 19th century   Physical Description: Ink on paper; 6 leaves ; 1 score ; 15 x 19 – 17 x 25.5 cm; manuscript  Subject: Shabbat, Hannukah, Hazzan & Meshorerim  Description:  This cantor’s manual contains nineteen items, [...]

S. 6337 Cantor’s Manual

[S. 6337 Cantor’s Manual] Call Number: Offenbach S.6337  Attribution: Offenbach, Isaac.  Place: Germany  Date: ca.1828-1834  Physical Description: Ink on paper ; 32 leaves ; 1 score ;15.5 x 13 cm ; autograph manuscript  Subject: Shabbat, Hannukah, Hallel, Rosh Chodesh, Sukkot, Hazzan & Meshorerim  Description:  This cantor’s manual contains seventy items, for various occasions during the Jewish [...]

S. 6336 Akdamut Milin = אקדמות מלין

[S. 6336] Akdamut Milin = אקדמות מלין Call Number: Offenbach S.6336  Attribution: Offenbach, Isaac.  Place: Germany  Date: c. First half of 19th century  Physical Description: Ink on paper; 3 leaves, 1 score, 16.5 x 12 cm ; autograph manuscript  Subject: Shavuot, Hazzan & Meshorerim   Description:  This manuscript was most likely written by Isaac (Itzik) Offenbach [...]

S. 2757b Purim Lied = פורים ליעד

[S. 2757b] Purim Lied = פורים ליעד Call Number: Offenbach S. 2757b  Attribution: Marschner, Heinrich A./ Offenbach, Jacques.   Place: Germany  Date : 1834  Physical Description:   2 leaves ; 1 song sheet ;  21.5 x 27 cm.  Ink on paper ; autograph   Subject: Purim, Secular Music  Description:  This manuscript contains song text for Purim, set to the melody “Im Herbst [...]