[S. 6343] Niggunim le-rosh ha-shanah [5]580 kamfanirt mi-meni ha-katan Itzik Offenbach be-Koln = ניגוני' לר''ה תק''פ קאמפאנירט ממני הק' איצק אפפענבאך בקעלן

Call Number: Offenbach S.6343 

Attribution: Offenbach, Isaac 

Place: Germany 

Date: ca.1819-1830.  

Physical Description: Ink on paper; 16 leaves ; 1 score ;10.5 x 13 cm; autograph manuscript 

Subject: Rosh Hashana; Hazzan & Meshorerim; Choral Music 


This cantor’s manual contains twenty-two items for Rosh ha-shanah, designated for hazzan/choir, generally for one voice, occasionally two or three. Most items have no text-underlay. Some with partial underlay in Hebrew handwriting. 


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