[S. 6352a Cantor’s Manual for Pesach and Sukkot]

Call Number: Offenbach S.6352a

Attribution: Offenbach, Isaac.

Place: Cologne, Germany


Physical Description: Ink on paper; 21 leaves ; 1 score ; 13 x 14.5 -7 x 14-11 x 12.5 cm; some of the leaves are bound while others are loose ; autograph manuscript

Subject: Pesach, Sukkot


Full title from cover: ניגונים לפסח קאמפאנירט לשנת תקפט לפק ממני הק' איצק אפענבאך בקאלן (Primo Nigunim le-pesaḥ kamfanirt le-shenat [5]589 [1829] le-fekudat mi-meni ha-katan Itzik Offenbach be-koln.)


This manuscript, composed by Offenbach from 1829-1841 in Cologne, contains forty-six pieces for Passover and Sukkot, generally for one voice, occasionally two or three. The composition dates were taken from either the item colophons or heads.


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