[S. 6347 Offenbach Cantor’s Manual]

Call Number: Offenbach S.6347

Attribution: Offenbach, Isaac.

Place: Cologne, Germany

Date: 1846/47

Physical Description: 75 pages (p.28-29 are missing, one additional folio between p.38 and 39, 1 folio between p.53 and p.54, pages 30, 38b, p.53a, p.64b. pp.69-75 are blank); 11.5 x 14 cm; autograph manuscript

Subject: Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Shabbat,


Full title: ניגונים לימים נוראים קאמפאנירט ממני הקטן איצק אפפענבאך ש''ץ בקעלן נכתב בעי''ת שנת תרז לפ''ק (Nigunim le-yamim noraim kamfanirt mi-meni ha-ḳatan Itzik Offenbach sheliah ̣tsibur be-Koln nikhtav be-ezrat hashem yitborakh shenat 5607 [1846/47])

This manuscript of a cantor’s manual contains sixty-four pieces, mostly for the High Holidays. They were mostly composed in Cologne, with the thirty-sixth item having been composed in Deutz. The composition date for the manuscript was taken from the title page. The individual item composition dates were taken from item colophons or title pages.

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