[S. 2757c] “Trinklieder”

Call Number: Offenbach S. 2757c 

Attribution: Offenbach, Jacques. 

Place: Germany 

Date : 1834 

Physical Description:  

5 leaves, catalogue numbers; bound; 18 x 15.5 cm. Blank: f. 1a-2a, 3b-4a, 5b. Ink on paper ; autograph.  

Subject: Purim, Secular Music,  


A drinking song for Purim, composition for one voice. The piece is an adaptation of the strophic melody "Im Herbst da muss man trinken", from the opera "Der Vampyr" (1828) by Heinrich A. Marschner ("No. 17: Trinklied und Quintett mit Chor"). It has been adapted with lyrics for Purim by Jacques Offenbach, who also wrote the lyrics, according to the manuscript. 

Full text-underlay for the first four strophes, with the rest of the twelve strophes given on an accompanying leaf. 

Leaf 4b reads: [So leben wir, so leben wir] gedicht von. J Offenbach, Purim 1833. 



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