[Mus. 95.02] Adonoj elohei jisroel [ ה' אלהי ישראל] von Wilner Balabeisil

Call Number: Birnbaum Collection Mus. 95.02


Attribution: Joel David Loewenstein-Strashunsky (1816-1850)


Place: Vilnius, Lithuania


Date: Ante-1901


Physical Description: Ink on paper; 1 folio; 1 score ; 17 x 26.5 cm.


Subject: Hazzan and Meshorerim




Mus. 95 is a collection of various compositions group together by Birnbaum.


1 voice recitative with full text-underlay in Romanized Hebrew. Verso is a pencil sketch of a different melody.


Item date Kbg 28/11.1901 in what appears to be Birnbaum’s handwriting.


Adler identifies Wilner Balabeisil as Joel David Straschunski.


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