[Mus. 94.10] Lied zur Feier des hundertjährigen Todestages von Moses Mendelssohn um 4. Januar 1886

Call Number: Birnbaum Collection Mus. 94.10


Attribution: Rosenfeld, Isidor (1812-1880)


Place: Unknown


Date: 1886


Physical Description: Ink on paper; x pages; 2 scores (8 and 12 pages); 29 x 23 cm and 34.5 x 27 cm;


Subject: Choral Music; Memorial Service; Vocal Music with Instrumental Accompaniment



Mus. 94 is a collection of works by Isidor Rosenfeld. The first item (Mus. 94.1 contains an image of Birnbaum indices). Mus. 94.04 is missing as of 1979.


This record contains both items that were formerly known as Mus. 94.10a and Mus. 94.10b.


Work for Baritone solo, 4 voice choir and organ. Text begins “Der einst in dürft’ verstunde durchs Chor, ein Knabe…”



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