[Mus. 93.13d] Todtenfeier

Call Number: Birnbaum Collection Mus. 93.13d


Place: Germany


Attribution: Schauer, Carl.


Date: 1872?


Physical Description: Ink on paper; 24 leaves; 1 score; 27 x 18 cm. autograph manuscript


Subject: Memorial service




Incomplete manuscript: version of Schauer’s Todtenfeier for two voices (Soprano and Alto), without indication of soli and choral settings. Score seems to have space for intended “Orgel” part, but it has not been written in. Full text-underlay in Romanized Hebrew with Ashkenazic pronunciation. Cf. Mus. 93.13c, which is very similar.


Includes two printed fascicles of Soprano and Alto parts, each eight pages. The former call number as given by Birnbaum is Synagogen Musik No. 61" This setting is for two voices, (SA) with intended organ accompaniment. This setting also does not have Solo/Chor alternations.


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