[Mus. 93.13c] Todtenfeier. Partitur

Title: [Mus. 93.13c] Todtenfeier. Partitur


Call Number: Birnbaum Collection Mus. 93.13c


Place: Germany


Attribution: Schauer, Carl


Date: 1872?


Physical Description: Ink on paper; 10 leaves; 1 score; 19.5 x 25 cm; autograph manuscript


Subject: Memorial Service; Choral Music




The title page reads "Todtenfeier. Partitur."


Mus.93.13c is signed and dated (by the scribe?) at the end, "Rossbach [?] 7.10.[18]72'.  These are later versions of Schauer’s Todtenfeier. A description of the pieces within follows with indications of the differences between these [Mus 93.13c, Mus 93.13d] and Mus. 93.13b.


For two voice soli (SA) and choir. Full text-underlay in Romanized Hebrew with Sephardic Pronunciation. Cf. Mus. 93.13b for the same items in different keys.


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