[Mus. 93.13b Compositions by C. Schauer]

Call Number: Birnbaum Collection Mus. 93.13b


Place: Germany


Attribution: Carl Schauer


Date: 1834


Physical Description: Ink on paper; 55 leaves; 1 score ; 20 x 25 cm;


Subject: Memorial Service; Vocal Music with Instrumental Accompaniment; Choral Music




The items in this manuscript by Schauer which is another version of his Todtenfeier, are as follows : 1.Die Todtenfeier. 2.Das Kleine Essa Enaj. 3. Das Grosse Essa Enaj.


The Table of Contents reads :

"1. Die Todtenfeier, componirt von C. Schauer den 4 April 1934. Für Solo: Sopran 1&2, Alt, Bass 1&2; Chor:Sopr,Alt, Bass. Seite.1-31.

  1. Das Kleine Essa Enaj.Für Solo:Sopran 1&2, Alt;Chor:Sopran,Alt. Seite 32-36.
  2. Das grosse Essa Enaj.Für Solo:Sopr,Alt,Tenor,Bass;Chor:Sopr,Alt,Bass mit hinzufügtem Tenor. Seite 36-55."


Items 2 and 3 were commissioned by Baruch Auerbach, and at the time of the manuscript writing, had not been sung yet. Partial text-underlay.

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