[Mus. 93.03] Gebet für den König: El Melech Melachim [אל מלך מלכים]

Call Number: Birnbaum Collection Mus. 93.03

Attribution: Shauer, Carl.

Place: Germany

Date: 1831-1835

Physical Description: Ink on paper;1 leaf; 1 score; 19.5 x 25 cm;

 Subject: El Melekh Melakhim


This manuscript (Mus. 93) is a collection of Hebrew compositions, numbered I-XV. As in the manuscript, each set of items will be given separately. The pieces were composed between 1831 and 1835, for various occasions at the Berlin Jüdische Gemeindeschule Talmud Torah and the Auerbach'sche Waisenhaus für jüdische Knaben. The initiation of the compositions is attributed to Baruch Auerbach. Mus.93 VI-VII are missing from the collection.


This manuscript contains one setting of El Melekh melakhim with no text-underlay. The note following the title on the manuscript reads: “Siehe no.6 des Verzeichnisses, frühester gesang”.



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