[Mus. 87.1a Mi Addir in B flat major/ M’heroh in E flat major]

Call Number: Birnbaum Collection Mus. 87.1a


Attribution: Birnbaum, Eduard; Singer, Josef.


Place: Königsberg, Pr.


Date: Second half 19th Century


Physical Description: Ink on paper; 2 folios; 2 scores and lithographed parts ; 31 x 25 cm;


Subject: Wedding Music, Vocal Music with Instrumental Accompaniment




Manuscript contains two pieces for performance in weddings: Mi Addir by E.B. in B flat major; and M’heroh by Jos. Singer in E flat major.


Manuscript vocal scores with piano reduction (appear incomplete, 2 folios) followed by lithographed choral parts for Mi addir (Alto, Tenore, Basso), and manuscript orchestral parts for both pieces (Clarinetto in B, Viola, Tromba in B, Tromba in Es, Corno in F, Corno in Basso in Es, Posaune, Basso). Reverse of alto part for Mi addir has text for M’heroh in Birnbaum’s hand.


Cf. BCat, Mus. 151 (1) “Beilage”.


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