[Mus. 86.4] אבל כבד Trauergesänge für Solo und Männerchor

Call Number: Birnbaum Collection Mus. 86.4


Attribution: Birnbaum, Eduard.


Place: Königsberg, Pr.


Date: 1887-1893


Physical Description: Ink on paper; 42 leaves; 3 scores and parts ; cm; autograph manuscript.


Subject: Memorial Service, Choral music,




Three pieces for solo and men’s choir: Enosh (אנוש), Shiviti (שויתי), and Schlummern sanft. Full text-underlay in Romanized Hebrew and German.


Dedication on manuscript: “Dem Andanken des russ. Lommerg= und Kolleginrocht [?] Herrn Salomon Feinberg gest. 26 Apr. 1893 [ו״ אדר תרנ״ג] gewidmet.”


Dates from item colophons and caption. Some editing in pencil in Birnbaum’s hand evident on manuscript.


Was missing at one time, and therefore was not described by Israel Adler in his cataloging efforts in the 1970s.


In some materials associated with the Birnbaum Collection, this item has been known as Mus. 86d.


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