[Mus. 82a] Braunsberg II Chorgesänge

Call Number: Birnbaum Collection Mus. 82a


Attribution: Braunsberg, N. H.


Place: Berlin?


Date: Post-1877, Ante-1910


Physical Description: Ink on paper; 28 pages; 1 score ; 27.5 x 21.5cm;


Subject: Shabbat; Hallel; Rosh Hashana; Pesach;




Cantor’s Manual for cantor soloist and four voice choir (SATB). Full text-underlay primarily in Romanized Hebrew, some German.


Birnbaum’s Catalog (BCat) refers to this manuscript as “Braunsberg II.” Manuscript contains four blank pages.


Attached is a note by Eduard Birnbaum: “Geschenk der Frau Braunsberg im Auftrage ihres verstorbenen Gattens.” According to Birnbaum’s catalog (BCat), this file included 4 appendices: “4 Beilagen mit Notizen von Recitativen.” Three items, corresponding to B’s description of the “Beilagen,” numbered II-IV have been located and are described separately under Mus. 82b. File also contains a fragment of the envelope that contained the manuscript, stamped by a post office in Berlin.


C.f. Mus. 81 and Mus. Add. 13.


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