[Mus. 81] Synagogen=Gesänge הזנות für N. H. Braunsberg

Call Number: Birnbaum Collection Mus. 81


Attribution: Braunsberg, N. H.?


Place: Deisel, Germany


Date: November 1, 1858


Physical Description: Ink on paper; 1 leaf; 1 score ; 32 x 25.5 cm;


Subject: Shabbat; Rosh Chodesh; Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Pesach, Purim,




Cantor’s manual for 1-2 voices.


Full text-underlay in Hebrew square print with nikkudot. Syllabified text-underlay to accommodate left-to-right Western notation. Near end of manuscript, text-underlay becomes Romanized Hebrew. Contains nusach for the entire year.


Manuscript contains four blank pages. Birnbaum’s Catalog (BCat) refers to this manuscript as “Braunsberg I.”


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