[Mus. 60a] Shoshschanas Yaakov für zwei Männerstimmen

Title: [Mus. 60a] Shoshschanas Yaakov für zwei Männerstimmen 

Call Number: Birnbaum Collection Mus. 60a 

Attribution: Weintraub, Hirsch 

Place: Likely Königsberg 

Date: ca. mid-19th Century 

Physical Description: Ink on paper; 2 folios; 26.5 x 34 cm, manuscript.  

Subject: Purim; Vocal Music with Instrumental Accompaniment. 


Includes Birnbaum contents notes for this item and Mus. 60b.  

שושנת יעקב = Rose of Jacob. In 2/4; A minor, for two men’s voices with doubling keyboard accompaniment. This double folio includes text-underlay, with some corrections/notes in ink and pencil. Last page blank. 

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