[Mus. 59 (a) Transcription of Pesach Melodies from J. S. Rittangel Lib. Rit. Pasch. (1644); (b) Notes from Jablonski on the te’amim (1699)]

Call Number: Birnbaum Collection Mus.59 

Attribution: Rittangel, J. S.; Jablonski, D. E.  

Place: Königsberg 

Date: ca. early 20th century 

Physical Description: Ink on paper; 10 pages plus several loose and blank pages;   

Subject: Pesach,  Extramusical Material   


Transcriptions of four Pesach melodies from Prof. J.S. Rittangel’s Liber Ritium Pachaluum. Much of the transcription appears to be in Birnbaum’s own hand, though the first page of transcription is attributed to Jellinek by Birnbaum. Two of the four melodies have indecipherable German lyrics, the other two are “Addir Hu” and “Ki lo naeh.” Also includes Birnbaum’s notes on this work and on Jablonski’s Biblia Hebraica Berolini (1699). 

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