[Mus. 45a Synagogengesänge aus Russland und Polen von Feinsinger, Rabinowitz, etc]

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Birnbaum Collection Mus. 45a 

Place: Poland, Russia 

Attribution: Daunowskii, A. Adolf; Rabinowitz; Feinsinger 

Date: ca. 19th century 

Physical Description: 

Autograph manuscript; ink on paper; III+85 pages; 17 x 27cm  


Choral Music; Shabbat;  


Contains note (from Abraham Zvi Idelsohn?) labelling item as “Eastern Chazanuth.” Also contains table of contents by original scribe and added note by Birnbaum. For four voice choir and cantorial soloist, with text underlay in Romanized Hebrew and Hebrew. Contains many compositions from Eastern Europe, some labelled by the geographical location of their composer.  

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