[Mus. 40a] Elf Hebr. Melodien aus seinen “Psalmen” in der Bearbeitung von Francesco Mirecki, Polacco.

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Birnbaum Collection Mus. 40a 

Place: Poland 

Attribution: Mirecki, Franciszek; Marcello, Benedetto 

Date: ca. 1820. 

Physical Description: 

Loose material and 1 folio; manuscript score 


Choral Music; Vocal music with instrumental accompaniment; Hallel; Hanukah 


Arrangements of melodies by Benedetto Marcello to Hebrew texts by “Francesco Mirecki, Polacco,” otherwise known as Franciszek Mirecki. Some with piano accompaniment, as well as occasionally violoncello. Interestingly, the scribe has frequently written the vocal music from right to left, following the direction of the Hebrew text, which is presented using the Hebrew alphabet. Below, we find the piano accompaniment, written in the traditional Western notation form from left to right. Many pieces carry the description “Intonazione degli Ebrei Spagnoli sopra il Salmo [Hebrew title]” or “Itonazione degli Ebrei Tedesco sopra il Salmo [Hebrew title],” indicating that the melodies were meant for either the Sephardic or Ashkenazic rite. These pieces may have been published in Mirecki’s Salmi di Davide (1820). 

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