[Mus. 25 Specimen Compositions]

Call Number: 

Birnbaum Collection Mus.25 


Duisburg Am Rhein, Germany 


Alexander, Abraham. 

Date: 1816 

Physical Description:

Ink on paper; 4 leaves; 1 score ; 33 x 24.5 cm; autograph manuscript 


Shabbat, Hazzan & Meshorerim. 


This manuscript contains four specimen compositions for both Friday night and Sabbath day for one voice, sometimes two or four. Alexander's signature appears in Hebrew as Avraham Ben Sender. This manuscript was composed in Duisburg Am Rhein, dedicated by Alexander to S.J. Friede. Alexander also offered Friede synagogal compositions for the whole liturgical year as well. These compositions are for one voice, sometimes two or four voices, with ḥazan/Meshorerim designation.  


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