[Mus. 71] Partitura der Berliner Reform=gemeinde

Call Number: Birnbaum Collection Mus. 71

Attribution: Eduard Birnbaum

Place: Berlin, Germany

Date: Post- 1914

Physical Description: 2 folios (mostly bound, some loose pages); various sizes, generally 22.5 x 31cm; autograph manuscript.

Subject: Vocal Music with Instrumental Accompaniment, Choral Music, Shabbat, Hallel


Score includes chorales in German, alternating with responses in Hebrew. Text-underlay is entirely in latin characters; Hebrew is transliterated. Instrumentation is for four voice choir, unison choir, and organ. Other various combinations of 1-4 v also included. Composers mentioned include Weintraub, Lewandowski, Deutsch, Himel, Grell, Haydn, Wolffberg, Handel and Mendelssohn.

Score is stamped “Vorstand der Synagogen=Gemeinde zu Königsberg i. Pr.,” however, this stamped in crossed out. Next to the stamp, a note in Birnbaum’s hand reads “Fälschlich gestempelt! Gehört Birnbaum 3/7. 1914.”

Concordance provided for this item, as well as related items (Mus. 106 and Bl. H. 662, respectively.) Items nos. 79-81 missing in both table of contents and manuscript itself. Last seven pages of the manuscript are blank. Pagination begins following “Register,” and is paginated 1-[168]; [161-168].

In the Planer index, this item is catalogued at Mus. 71a. See associated manuscripts at Mus. 105 (Soprano parts), Mus. Add. 49-50 (Additional parts).


Link: https://huc.on.worldcat.org/oclc/1140816856