Mus. 030b Der Tanzmeister

[Mus. 30b] Der Tanzmeister Call Number:  Birnbaum Collection, Mus.30b  Place: Germany?  Attribution: Unknown  Date: Post-1750  Physical Description: Ink on paper; 1 folio ; 1 score ; 32 x 24cm.  Subject: Secular Music; Instrumental Music  Description:  This manuscript contains a folksong in German entitled “Der Tanzmeister= The [...]

Mus. 030c Composition for violin by Dawid B. Frehlich

[Mus. 30c Composition for violin by Dawid B. Frehlich] Call Number: Birnbaum Collection, Mus.30c Place: [?] Attribution: Dawid B. Frehlich Date: ca. first half of 19th century? Physical Description: 1 folio ; 1 score ; 35 x 23 cm; autograph manuscript Subject: Instrumental Music Description: This [...]

Mus. 061b Fuga C. Dur

[Mus. 61b] Fuga C. Dur Call Number: Birnbaum Collection Mus. 61b    Attribution: Bachmann, Joseph Siegmund.    Place: Unknown    Date: ca. late 18th century.    Physical Description: Ink on paper; 2 folios; 26.5 x 34 cm, manuscript.     Subject: Secular music; Instrumental music.    Description:     Birnbaum’s content [...]